Milestones – Walking In Power with Nate Ortiz

Welcome to Walking in Power with Nate Ortiz. Walking in Power is our bi-monthly installment on The GRINDcast aimed at helping people on their spiritual journey. Nate Ortiz has been a Christian Youth Minister for years. As part of Arias Organization’s mission to “To develop people within this agency mentally, physically, spiritually & financially…” we added Nate to the Arias Agencies family as a Spiritual Coach for anyone in the agency looking to strengthen their relationship with God.

The GRINDcast – 10 Things to Level Up Your Business

This week on the GRINDcast, we’re breaking down 10 points that will help you level up your business.

The GRINDcast – Tyra Grant & Youth Participant, Jordy from Steel City Impact

This week we have our Program Director of Steel City Impact, Tyra Grant, joining us with one of our top performing youth participants, Jordy. Visit to learn more about our youth program and there’s still a week left to grab event tickets and charity raffle tickets at

The GRINDcast – Traits of the Greats

There are certain traits that consistently show up in the greats. Whether it’s business, sports, or any other aspect of life, it’s not a coincidence that you see the same characteristics show up across the board..

The GRINDcast – It’s on You

It’s on you! If you allow yourself to place blame on outside circumstance, you give power to that thing. Whether or not something is your fault, it’s your responsibility as a leader to handle the situation.