Rise & Shine! Why you need to get up early & how to do it

Successful people wake up earlier, it’s a fact. If you want to take your life to the next level, I guarantee you that starting your day early will be a huge component. You wanna shine? You gotta rise! Here’s why…

First, the world doesn’t run at 5 am. Most people don’t have their eyes open this early. You’re capitalizing on hours that other people are sleeping away. What does this mean for you? Zero distractions! Nobody else gets to dictate your schedule. Nobody is going to be texting you or asking you to meet with them. There’s nothing good on TV. You’re fully in charge of your time. You can eat breakfast and work on mind, body, & spirit before other people’s alarm clocks even go off. You’ll be able to develop a consistent routine that sets your day up for success.

Let’s be honest. Most of us go to bed around midnight, some even later. Here’s the funny thing though, barely anything productive happens after 9 or 10 pm. From 9 til midnight most people are just chilling, watching TV, browsing the internet, etc. Late nights limit your potential.


#1- Prepare for one bad night’s sleep. Most people who want to start getting up early start by going to bed early. If you’re just getting started, this is a waste of time. Your body is used to going to bed at midnight, so even if you lay down at 9 or 10, your body still isn’t going to be ready to sleep.

So just be ready for one bad night’s sleep. Go to bed at your normal time & force yourself to get up tired the next day. Adrenaline will carry you through the day and by 9 the following night, your body will be ready to get to bed early. Your body will adjust quicker than you think!

(Side Note- No Naps! Keep yourself busy until you’re ready to crash in the evening)

#2- Open your eyes. Just open your eyes for 30 seconds & get out of bed. No snooze button! Your alarm is your first goal you’ve set for your day. Hitting the snooze button is starting the day with a failure.

#3- Eat a healthy breakfast as soon as you get up. Your body associates your eating schedule with your sleeping schedule. Start the day with a healthy breakfast and it will give you the energy to capitalize on your day while everyone else sleeps.

We’ve got the why. We’ve got the how. Now it’s just a matter of choice. What’s more important to you? A few senseless hours of TV late at night, or maximizing your time, dictating your own schedule, and leveling up in life?

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