Talk Is Cheap (Maybe Not?)

Talk is cheap, and the GRIND is gonna cost you! We’ve all heard it before, how ever you want to say it, don’t talk about it, be about it! A lot of people spend time running their mouths about what they’re going to do without ever actually doing any of it. We’ve all know someone like this, always talking about the next big thing but never even doing the smallest things to make it happen.

Without acting and working towards your goals, why bother talking about them? In this sense, I agree with the phrase, “Talk is Cheap,” but I need to amend it. Talk without action is cheap. In fact, it’s worthless.

Here’s where talk has value though, when you are sharing your vision and grinding to pursue it! I encourage you to share your goals and your vision with the people in your life. It does two things for you. First, it brings your team, professionally and personally, on board, and allows everyone to align with your vision.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” Proverbs 29:18

Secondly, it holds you accountable. If you tell the people who you care about what you’re working towards, you’re automatically more inclined to own up to it. Be a man, or woman, of your word and back up what you talk about. Commit to the process that is going to achieve your goals.

This is the only time that “talk” is necessary. And the people in your life won’t ever view your talk as cheap, if you’re backing it up with relentless action.

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