Actions Over Intentions

Actions Over Intentions

What means more, actions or intentions? As soon as you read that question, you probably immediately answered “actions,” and of course, that’s the right answer. Despite knowing the answer immediately, in John Maxwell’s book, Leadership Gold, he points out something that most people probably aren’t consciously aware of. Here’s what he says…

“Most people use two totally different sets of criteria for judging themselves versus others. We tend to judge others according to their actions. It’s very cut-and-dried. However, we judge ourselves by our intentions. Even if we do the wrong thing, if we believe our motives were good, we let ourselves off the hook. And we are often willing to do that over and over before requiring ourselves to change.” -John Maxwell, Leadership Gold

This is huge! Think about it! We all look at the actions of others & base our judgements on those actions. Yet, when it comes to ourselves, we can justify just about any action, or lack thereof, as long as our intentions were good. Ultimately, this is a huge factor in what holds people back from growing.

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You must hold yourself accountable the same way that you hold others accountable. You need to take a step back and judge yourself based on your actions & your results. Your intentions, if not followed up by the appropriate actions, will become your excuses. Excuses & success don’t go together! Actions over intentions!

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