Exciting Changes on The G.R.I.N.D.

What’s up gang? As we roll into 2019, we’ve got some exciting changes coming to The GRIND!

First and maybe most exciting, we are currently in the works on our brand-new GRIND Podcast! I know I’ve personally gained a lot of knowledge & motivation from listening to podcasts. They’re a great way to expand your knowledge & invest your time. Throw ’em on at the gym or on your commute & you’re instantly working on mental growth while you’re tackling other parts of your daily GRIND.  We’ll still be pumping out some fire GRIND videos for you, but with the podcast, we’ll be able to go a little more in depth on each topic. Can’t wait to see this thing evolve! Get excited!

Secondly, come this Monday, January 14th, we’re giving an all new look to our standard GRIND videos. Stay tuned to see what I mean… Gotta keep things fresh!

Lastly, we’re gonna be switching up the GRIND video schedule a bit. From here out, I’ll still be dropping my regularly-scheduled GRIND videos on Mondays, along with new episodes of The GRIND Life every Friday. Our rotating guest speakers will now be featured Thursdays each week & we’ll still have my mentor, Jim Surace, bringing you a GRIND message for your spiritual growth on Spiritual Sundays.

We’ve got some more exciting content we’re working on for both The GRIND & Arias Agencies. Can’t wait to share it all with you! Stay tuned!

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