Get Your Reps In

Bodybuilding? You have to get your reps in. Life-building? Same thing. You have to get your reps in!

No matter who you are or what your vision is for business, family, or just life in general, you must always be growing. You’ve heard me say it before, MIND, BODY, SPIRIT. These three things are the foundation for consistent growth in your life. You need to make a commitment to get your reps in each area daily.

Mentally, I personally take time out every day to read or listen to audio books. The more you feed your brain, the more “reps” you’re getting for mental growth. I suggest reading over listening to audio books because you’ll tend to absorb more of the content. If you can’t make the time for reading every single day, then audio books will fill in the space and get you your “reps” for the day. I don’t care how busy you are in life, I guarantee that you can find the time daily to throw on an audio book.

Physically, you must commit to a daily effort to strengthen your body and maintain your health. Not trying to be a bodybuilder? That’s fine. That’s not what we’re talking about here. But if you’re trying to be a healthy human being, you need to fit in some sort of a workout every day. Sometimes it will be a traditional trip to the gym, other times it can be incorporated into things you need to accomplish. Taking your dog for a run instead of a leisurely stroll, doing some physically demanding yard-work, etc. Regardless, make the commitment.

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Spiritually, whether it’s reading bible verses, dedicated time for prayer, practicing silent meditation, or whatever strengthens your spiritual core, do it daily!

Get your “reps” in mentally, physically, & spiritually, and you’ll see the gains in your life.

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