It Ain’t Sexy

We all know what’s “sexy” to us. In other words, what we’re attracted to in life. Whether it be somebody with a nice physique, or an exotic car, or someone who carries themselves with confidence and has influence with other people. These are all things that most people would consider “sexy.”

It’s easy to see something and know we’re attracted to it. It’s easy to dream of a sexy physique, or that sports car, or having charisma & influence with other people. What’s not easy is the process to get you there. They say the dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately… and guess what? The hustle ain’t sexy! The process ain’t sexy!

The first thing you’ve got to ask yourself is what your dream is. What are your goals? This is the easy part! Dream as big as you want. Write down your goals. The next step, which is still an easy one, is asking yourself what the price is to achieve those goals. Write this down too. Directly underneath where you wrote your goal, write a list of everything it’s going to take to get there. The last part, the most important part, the most difficult part… do the work!

You want to get in shape & look “sexy?” It ain’t going to be sexy going to the gym every day and eating the right foods.

You want that exotic sports car? It ain’t going to be sexy grinding, putting in long hours, hustling to make the money that will allow you to afford it.

You want to be a leader? You want to have influence with others? It ain’t going to be sexy reading books on leadership and people skills. It ain’t going to be sexy getting out of your comfort zone with the way you interact with others. It ain’t going to be sexy dropping old friends who are holding you back and developing a new circle of like-minded leaders who are pursuing their goals.

No matter what you’re pursuing, if the end-result is greatness, if the end-result is “sexy,” the process ain’t going to be! I can promise you that! But you’ve got to fall in love with the process, not just the end-result. You’ve got to commit to the process to get the results you desire.

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