Leaders Are Readers: My Top 5 Books I Recommend And Why

Leaders are readers! Today, I’d like to share five of my favorite books. If you haven’t read them, you need to check them out!

1. How To Win Friends And Influence People, by Dale Carnegie

If you’re going to pursue leadership, you must be able to connect with people. Even if you’re not in leadership, your ability to connect with others is a vital aspect of all areas in your life. This book walks you through how to interact with different personalities. For leaders, it will help you win over the people on your team, so that you can share your vision. With a shared vision, you’ll be able to tackle your goals, knowing that your team has your back.






2. The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership, by John Maxwell

By far, this is the best leadership development book that I’ve ever read. The 21 Laws provides a formula to becoming a great leader. Going through the 21 Laws, you’ll be able to implement a step by step process to develop your leadership skills. If you can master the concepts of the book you will not only be successful but you will be able to grow your business by helping other leaders.






3. Be Obsessed Or Be Average, by Grant Cardone

This is an awesome book to help keep you inspired and motivated. In pursuing your goals, you have to be relentless… you have to be OBSESSED! This book teaches you to always think big and back it up with your actions. Cardone says, “Never lower your target; increase your actions”. While working towards your goals, if you’re looking for a book to guide your mindset, this is it!





4. Proverbs

Proverbs is the book of wisdom. In the pursuit of mental & spiritual growth, Proverbs exposes you to infinite wisdom. Even if you’re not a particularly spiritual person, a lot can be gained from reading Proverbs. It’s also a great way to schedule & track a full month of mental & spiritual growth as there are 31 chapters in the book which roughly gives you one a day.




5. Mind Is The Master, by James Allen

Your mind is the biggest tool you have. Once you’re able to learn how to think & use your mind correctly, it’s immensely powerful. It allows you to control your own destiny. Your thoughts form your actions, your actions for your habits, and habits form your destiny. It all starts in your mind. I highly recommend you read Mind Is The Master

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