Mental Diet – Where’s The Power?

What are you feeding yourself? More specifically, what are you feeding your mind?

The same way that regularly eating junk food leaves you with a flabby physique & health risks, the things that you digest mentally determine how healthy your mind is. And your mental health is arguably more important than your physical health in many ways.

When I was a kid, my grandmother would always ask me, “Where’s the power Simon?” and she’d have me point to my head. The real power in life is the power of your mind, and what you decide to feed your mind determines how powerful it can be.

Are you feeding yourself positivity? Are you educating yourself?

When you really look at your day, you can find endless opportunities to feed your mind. While you’re making breakfast or driving to work, most people have mental junk food on in the background. Senseless TV chatter, or listening to the radio… throw on an audio book!

Studying greatness is essential to leveling up in life. A positive mindset is what will push you through adversity. Feed yourself positivity! Read about successful people! Find books, audio books, YouTube clips, podcasts, and make sure that’s you’re feeding your mind!

Last tip is to schedule it! I have it in my schedule when I eat every day to make sure my diet is on point. When you don’t do this, the hunger will hit you and you’ll grab some fast food. Why would it be any different with your mental diet?

Look at the times in your day where, if you don’t consciously choose what to feed your mind, some “junk food” will creep in there. Now make a schedule for yourself & stick to it.

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I guarantee you if your conscious of your mental diet, and you’re feeding yourself the right things, you’ll become more positive, more educated, and ultimately more powerful.

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