The One Thing That Determines Success vs. Failure

What’s up gang? I’m coming to you today with one thing that is guaranteed to dictate if you succeed at anything in life. It may seem that I’m oversimplifying things by saying that there is just one thing, but if you stick with me here, I promise you that this will hold true.

Yes, there are many factors to success. On The GRIND, we’re always talking about all the different factors to success. But the one single thing that dictates your success or failure at something is BELIEF! Belief is both the first step to success, as well as the first step to failure.

A loss of belief is the catalyst to someone quitting or giving up on their vision. Think about it. Why do people quit? Because they don’t believe they can achieve something, or they don’t believe in the process that will get them there. It’s the single most important factor in all the areas of your life.

When you have a true belief in your vision, when you believe that you can achieve your goals, when you believe in the process & commit to it, what is realistically going to stop you? Will there be obstacles? Yes. Will there be adversity? Yes. The question is whether those obstacles & adversity are going to change your belief. If you set out on your goals with a strong belief as your foundation, nothing that gets in front of you is going to stop you.

So how do you develop a stronger belief system? The first thing is understanding that belief is a mindset. Here are a few steps to get you there.

1. You’ve got to have a clear, realistic vision of the things you want to accomplish. Write down your goals!

2. Learn from your failures and recognize your accomplishments. When you fail, you must view it as an opportunity to learn. Too many people fail at something and allow it to change their belief in their ability to achieve it. Conversely, you must recognize your accomplishments. Being aware of the progress you’re making will help keep your belief alive.

3. Lastly, MBS!!! Commit to developing yourself mentally, physically, & spiritually. If you have a daily commitment to working on Mind, Body, & Spirit, it will make it easier to see that you are achieving something, and it’ll make it that much harder for adversity to shake your belief system.

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