You’ve Arrived

”Potential means you haven’t done anything yet” -Bill Parcells

Potential is great. Past success is even better. But once you feel like you’ve arrived and can sit back and chill, your potential & past success mean nothing.

Have you ever heard of Ryan Leaf? He had a huge college football career at Washington State, he was a finalist for the Heisman, and he was 2nd overall NFL draft pick in 1998 after Peyton Manning. He had “arrived.” But his performance on the field sucked. He couldn’t stay focused. He threw his work ethic out the window, and on an episode of NFL Top 10, he was ranked No. 1 “Draft Bust.”

A more recent example, taking it back home to my Cleveland Browns, is Johnny Manziel. First freshman ever to win a Heisman Trophy. Star athlete through high school and college, breaking numerous records. Drafted by the Browns in 2014, there was a lot of hype about what he’d do for the team. He’d “arrived.” Then two years later, he was gone. Now he plays for some Canadian team that nobody cares about.

These are just two examples in the NFL, but it happens in all walks of life. I’ve seen it in business, sports, and even in people’s personal lives. People show up to an opportunity with great potential, but just because the opportunity arrived, it doesn’t mean that the GRIND stops. As soon as the GRIND stops, you become a “Draft Bust.”

I want to encourage you not to get yourself hyped up on your past achievements. When you achieve a goal, you better be setting a new, bigger one. When you win a game, get a promotion, or whatever it may be, you can’t lose your hunger for going to the next level. The day you feel like you’ve arrived could very easily be the last day your name has any significance.

Stay hungry. Stay GRINDING!

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